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A Peer to Peer Engagement Platform focused on international student recruitment and alumni success

Working With Your Marketing and Recruitment Teams to Maximise Objectives and Goals

#1 End-to-End Student Experience Platform covering the whole student journey

YourConnect's key features and platform

Personalises marketing and recruitment with student and alumni referrals

Provides real-time response and professional assistance to prospective students

Creates incentives for ongoing participation and student referrals

Features special offers and benefits for international education industry partners

Becomes a source of students alumni data to assist with data driven decision processes

Demonstrates a keen awareness about the institutions brand offerings

Develops an online system to maintain alumni tracking and engagement

Reaches out to alumni and invites their participation in virtual fairs, information sessions, school presentations and more... locally and globally!

Tracks progress and develops a positive student experience for the whole of the student journey

Multiple Benefits for all Members

Prospective Students/Future Students

Results in stronger understanding, increased conversion

First Year Students

Results in stronger understanding, increased engagement, increased retention, success & referrals

Current Students

Results in increased student satisfaction, success & referrals


Results in greater engagement, opportunity to influence and make a difference

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